Mission Belt Review

Photo of a Mission Belt from Shark Tank

Huzzah! A charming by-product of doing a Mission Belt review is that I discovered a way to save two and a half seconds every time I undo my belt and it has a name: Mission Belt. This product piqued my interest when I first saw it on Shark Tank, but it wasn’t enough for me to hop on Amazon and buy it. This changed, however, once I acquired some red and grey shoes which I love. Then, I had the idea of mixing some red accessories with them and that’s where Mission Belt came into play. I bought it for the style, but I love it for the ease.

Ease of Use

Undoing my Mission Belt as seen on Shark Tank

Just pop the lever and pull

In a nut shell, Mission Belt has a tiny lever you push underneath the buckle. That lever requires almost no force and yet never pops unless I’m undoing my belt. You then pull the buckle away and the belt automatically comes undone. However little effort you’re imagining it taking, trust me, it takes far less.

I just timed myself undoing my old standard belt against the Mission Belt. I clocked in at three and a half seconds on the standard and under one second on the Mission Belt. I also thought to myself “I can never go back to my old belt. No friggin’ way.” and I won’t. It’s funny how easily spoiled one can become when it comes to something so mundane.

Stylin’ and profilin’

Although the ease of use is what I’ve come to love about it, I purchased it for its style. They have tons of different variations, buckles (and sizes) covered. My main criticism though is that they don’t have enough. People searching for a unique style may very well go for odd ball colors such as teal and electric blue. Heck, if not for the red leather, I wouldn’t have been turned on to this wonderfully subtle invention.

Looking back on its Shark Tank appearance, I’m surprised the main selling points were no holes and it being  easily adjustable for people who fluctuate body weight. As an enthusiastic customer, the style and ease of use are what have me hooked and why I recommend Mission Belt.

I also recommend purchasing through Amazon and it does have free 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime: Mission Belt on Amazon

By the way, included below is the aforementioned shoes and watch I include to create the red look with the Mission Belt. What do you think about the Mission Belt? Let me know what you think; I’d love your input or your own Mission Belt review.

Photo of Mission Belt and accessories

Looks great with a red watch and red shoes.

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